A new music performing ensemble currently based out of Madison, Wisconsin.

The group specializes in contemporary music from the early 20th century to the present, as well as commissions new works to be written for it. 

Having drawn inspiration from numerous performance ensembles (such as Eighth Blackbird, Silk Road, and the International Contemporary Ensemble), the group seeks to expand the realm of possibilities within the chamber ensemble repertoire through the implementation of experimental techniques, the incorporation of a variety of instruments and musical styles from the Middle East and Asia, innovative performance practice, and the use of live electronics.

2016 New Arts Venture Grant Recipient

                         2017 American Prize Winner

                         2017 American Prize Winner

Chris Cerrone, "South Catalina"

Frederick Rzewski, "Coming Together"

"As One" by Yunkyung Hong, written for Sound Out Loud

Feldman/Cage MASHUP: "For Frank O'Hara" and "Indeterminacy"